Sin Tarn

Short and Sassy


Doctor Sin Tarn was one of the highest brightest students in her class at the Alderaan Medical Academy. Graduating valedictorian , Sin had plans to move to Coruscant and join the Imperial Doctor’s Association. Unfortunately, a quick trip off world to celebrate was the only thing that saved Sin from the destruction of her home planet.

Devastation could not begin to describe how Sin felt. She listlessly drifted around the galaxy, spending what money she had to find transport and strong drift. Actively looking for her twin brother that she felt had miraculously made it off their planet before death grabbed hold of the rest of her family. Before long she was broke, and took a job working for some Hutt in backwater.

It took Sin some time to find clarity, but when she did, she figured that tying her fates to a crimelord would not get her anywhere. She decided to fight. She wants to fight for what is good and promised to take as few lives as possible during he battles.

Due to her past, she is quiet and shy. Sin finds it difficult to become close with anyone anymore in fear that it will result in catastrophic death. Often, Sin gets lost in her thoughts however, her mind always focuses back on her will to live and fight for what is right.

Sin Tarn