A Long Road to RYLOTH

Trex was a busy Trandoshan.

Despite his ship being a literal disaster area, there was a lot of value sitting around in that slowly rusting YT freighter. The most shocking, as a half dead twi’lek.

Revived thanks to Sin’s help, B’ura B’an explains how he was captured and maimed at the hands of the former-captain. Teemo was muscling in on a small “Ryloth for Twi’leks” ryll mine, no doubt with greater ambitions in mind. B’ura B’an, one of the most important figures in the movement, figured his capture was to give Teemo and his thugs even more leverage over the small mining village of New Meen.

The crew landed and spent the night in Nabat, a small, seedy, Ryloth spaceport. The next morning, in exchange for repairs and shelter, the party escorted B’ura B’an back to New Meen. A simple easy drive out into the Rylothian desert.

Simple, until a group of Bounty Hunters ambushed them, destroying their speeder. It was a… poor choice of location, however. Tos’kara knew a Lylek den when she saw one. It only took an applied grenade to wake up the sleeping Lylek, who soon found itself a new meal of Bounty Hunters.

It was clear these thugs were part of the same group trying to muscle the Twi’leks off New Meen. Spending another night planetside, the crew had some time to spend relaxing and re-cooperating. Idle chit-chat to the locals turned into discussions about Teemo’s thugs.

Lead by a man named Drombb, they set up a few clicks away from the mine, and spent most of their time trying to get the Twi’leks to leave. The group thought to change a few things by sneaking into their compound early that morning.

After IG-88z was nearly caught by a rather drunk fellow, the droid was able to scout out the thugs. To a man, they were in a makeshift cantina, getting drunk. Part one of the plan was to take out the leader; IG’s aim was true and Drombb would cause no more trouble. It was pure chaos inside the bar, until Sin’s part of the plan came into play. Hijacking some near by Earth movers, they drove them right through the front door, leveling the cantina and everyone inside.

Hailed as heros by the Twi’lek miners, the crew enjoyed a well deserved break as they returned to the Close Call…



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